About Us

About Us

The Lea Castle Working Group was formed by the coming together of several different interest groups, and throughout the project the group has operated an open membership policy, so that anyone with an interest in the site has been welcome to attend meetings and/or contribute in any other way.

The members most involved in steering the project since its inception are listed here alphabetically, with their broad area of interest, though of course, many of the members have a wide range of knowledge, interest and expertise.

  • Pat Brennan,
    Arts & Heritage Group, PCDA
  • David Callanan,
    Landowner at Lea Castle
  • Catherine Casey,
    Heritage Officer with Laois County Council
  • Michael Cobbe,
    Local historian and local resident
  • Mairtin D’Alton,
    Architect & local historian
  • Dr. Karen Dempsey,
    School of Archaeology, UCD
  • Celia Deverell,
    Community development, Arts & Heritage group, PCDA
  • PJ Goode,
    Local historian & author
  • Dickie Hudson,
    Local resident
  • Stephen Kealy,
    Local resident
  • Ronnie Mathews,
    Chair of the Lea Castle Working Group, Local historian and author
  • Ross McNamara,
  • Sean Murray,
    Archaeologist and owner of “Laois Archaeology” Facebook page.
  • Maria Nelligan,
  • Dr. Thomas P. Nelligan,
    Historian and owner of TheStandingStone.ie.
  • Cathe Nolan,
    Arts & Heritage Group, PCDA
  • Shane O’Neill,
    Arts & Heritage Group, PCDA
  • David Orford,
    Treasurer of the group, Chair of the Arts & Heritage Group of PCDA

Get in Touch

If you need some more information about the Lea Castle Conservation Project or would like to help in any way, please let us know.